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Pricing Differences in LEDs

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We sometimes see other companies selling LED bulbs that appear to be similar to some of the products we sell.  There is a lot of competition in the LED lighting market.  A common question we receive from our customers is why are the prices so different from vendor to vendor?  That answer is easy: Quality!
There are a lot of low cost mass produced LED bulbs on the market.  The quality of many of these bulbs is very poor.  In order for a company to sell an LED product for less, they have to do one of two things.  They have to either make a very small profit (or a loss) or use less expensive materials which are often significantly inferior to their competitors.  Because the pricing of LED bulbs to the customer is so important, nearly all of the lower cost LED bulbs on the market are made of poor quality materials and construction.  What does this mean to the consumer?  The common results of these "cheaper bulbs" are increased defective bulbs, including more shorts, intermittent flickers, and nonfunctional bulbs, as well as poor appearance, lower light output, and decreased bulb life expectancy.

HiPo Parts LED and SMD bulbs are some of the highest quality LED bulbs on the market.  Many of our LED products are custom made to our specifications.  We hold our suppliers to higher standards and insist on the highest quality LEDs and components in the manufacturing process of our products.  If we are not satisfied with the components available, we have different components manufactured to our specs.  For example, our 5SMD bulbs are built with custom made circuit boards as well as custom colored bases to allow them to fit inside of gauge clusters and other tight locations where other 5MSD bulbs would not fit.  Our persistent pursuit of the highest quality products available means better value for our customers.

Check out our comparison of lower cost LED bulb bases by clicking the following link:

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