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Inferior Quality LED Bulb Bases

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Here at HiPo Parts we often test new LED designs and look for ways to reduce our product pricing for the consumer while maintaining our high quality standards.  While testing a less expensive translucent bulb base that promised to reduce the price of our 194 bulbs by a considerable amount we found an excellent example of what Grandpa always said, "You get what you pay for!"

Take a look at the photos below.  These are images of a translucent based LED bulb after only 4 hours of operation!  We repeated this test multiple times and got the similar results each time.  Sometimes it took a few hours more, but each time the bulb melted after hours or normal use!   This is a frightening example of how saving a few pennies can lead to catastrophic results.   










These results amazed us.  In similar tests, we have illuminated our 5X LED and 5SMD bulbs with the solid colored bases that we use for over 90 continuous DAYS with no signs of any  melting or discoloration.  The less expensive translucent bases are no deal.   We can only conclude that vendors selling these low quality bases have either not done sufficient testing or they are relying on the fact that most customers do not take a bulb back out after it is installed.  If bulbs with these translucent bases were left installed longer, they would likely melt surrounding sockets, wiring and components to the point where it would be hard to tell what caused the damage. 

In summary, here at HiPo Parts we work hard to make sure the bulbs you buy from us are the highest quality available.  As a customer, you should ask yourself if saving $0.50 to $1.00 is really worth it.  If you see a bulb for sale for less, there is usually a reason why.  We only sell quality bulbs so you can do it once and do it right.