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1965-66 Ford Mustang


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1965-66 Ford Mustang LED Bulb Application Tables

In the following charts the wild card character "X" is used in the suffix in place of the color code when a variety of colors may be selected by the customer to replace a given bulb. For example, if the table shows a result of BA9S-SMD-X, then any color BA9S-SMD bulb can be used in that location, based on the customer's desired appearance. The "X" is only used in the "Also Fits" column. Information provided in the "Best LED Bulb" column is intended to provide results that preserve the factory lighting colors.


Exterior Bulbs

Year Description/Location Mfg Bulb Part # Qty Best LED Bulb Also Fits LED Bulbs
1965-66 Tail/Brake Lamps
1157 2 1157-27SMD-R or -W All Other 1157 LED Bulbs
1965-66 Backup Lights (in Rear Valance) 1142 2 BA15D-9SMD-W BA15D-9SMD-W
1965-66 Front Parking Lamps (in Valance) 1157 2 1157-27SMD-Y or W All Other 1157 LED Bulbs
1965-66 License Plate Lamp 97 1 BA15S-9SMD-W BA15S-15-W, BA15S-9-W


Signal Flasher Relays

Year Description Mfg Part # Quantity Electronic Flasher Upgrade
1965-66 Turn Signal Flasher Relay (2 pin Type) SF-224
1 RELAY-02
1965-66 Turn Signal Flasher Relay w/ 100% LED
SF-224 1 RELAY-LED-02
1965-66 Emergency "Hazard" Flasher (2 Pin Type) SF-552-B 1 RELAY-02


Interior Bulbs (Fixed - not affected by dash gauge light kit color or version)

Year Description/Location Mfg Bulb Part # Qty Best LED Bulb Also Fits LED Bulbs
1965-66 Courtesy Lamps - Under Dash 631 2 BA15S-9SMD-W 1156-16-W, BA15S-15-W, BA15S-9-W
1965-66 Glove Box Lamp (Dash) 1895 1 BA9SR-5SMD-W or -WM BA9SR-5XS-X, BA9SR-SMD-X
1965-66 Glove Box Lamp (Console) 1445 or 1895
1965-66 Door Mounted Courtesy Lights 1004 2 BA15D-9SMD-W BA15D-9SMD-W
1965-66 Quarter Pillar Courtesy Lamps (Fastback)
1003 2 BA15S-9SMD-W BA15S-15-W, BA15S-9-W
1965-66 Console Rear Courtesy Lamps 1816 2 BA9S-5SMD-W or -WM BA9S-5XS-X, BA9S-5X-X, BA9S-SMD-X, BA9S-RND-X, BA9S-INV-X
1966 Seatbelt Warning Lamp (Dash Mount)
1895 1 BA9S-SMD-W or -WM BA9S-INV-W or -WM
1966 Cigarette Lighter
1895 1 BA9S-SMD-W or -WM BA9S-INV-W or -WM
1965-66 Brake Warning Lamp
257 1 BA9S-SMD-R or -WM   BA9S-INV-R or -WM


Interior Bulbs (Varies based on Color & Version of LED Gauge light kit installed)

Year Description/Location Mfg Bulb Part # Qty with Economy Series II Kit with Extreme Series II Kit with Elite Series II Kit
1965-66 Shifter Illumination Lamp (Auto Only) 1893 or 1445
1965-66 Rally Pak Gauge Lamps 1816 or 1895
1965-66 Radio Dial Lamp (Factory Installed Only)* 1891 1 BA9S-SMD-Z BA9S-SMD-Z BA9S-SMD-Z
* Colors other than FC, BL, & GN may require the removal of a factory installed color filter lens. Some lens filters may not be able to be removed or may require significant disassembly to remove. Please determine the level of disassembly required before ordering LED bulbs in yellow or red.


In the table above, the wild card "Z" is used in the suffix in place of the bulb color. Use the table below to determine the correct bulb to match the HiPo Parts LED Gauge light kit used in your vehicle. For example, if the chart above shows a BA9S-SMD-Z and you have a HiPo Parts Factory Color (FC) LED Gauge Light Kit for your vehicle, then the correct LED bulb part number is BA9S-SMD-WM. If the kit you have is a "GN" (green) LED kit, then using the table below, the correct matching LED bulb part number would be BA9S-SMD-G.

HiPo Parts LED Gauge Light Kit Bulb Color Chart
Kit Color Code FC - Factory Color BL - Blue GN - Green RD - Red WT - White YL - Yellow
Bulb Color Code WM = Warm White B = Blue G = Green R = Red W = Cool White Y = Yellow


Click this link to view available LED Gauge Light Conversion Kits for this vehicle.

Disclaimer: The tables above are intended to assist owners in identifying replacement LED bulbs that will fit and function in place of the factory installed incandescent type lighting. These tables have been developed using a combination of resources including literature from the vehicle manufacturer, known LED compatibility data, vehicle specific testing and customer feedback. These tables have been created to the best of our knowledge and experience. HiPo Parts is not liable for the accuracy of the data provided. Customers who use these charts are responsible to double check LED bulb compatibility for their vehicle before making a purchase.