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12V Electronic Signal Flasher Relay


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Choose from 2 pin or 3 pin design!

This is a heavy duty 12V electronic signal flasher (blinker) relay that is a plug and play design. No extra wiring or modifications are required to use this flasher. These are a great update to the old and outdated thermal type flashers used in many older vehicles. These high quality electronic flashers are designed to replace three terminal flasher relays and operate at the normal DOT blink rate for motor vehicles with stock incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, or any combination of LED and incandescent bulbs. If you are upgrading to LED tail lamps of turn signal lights, this is a must have item.

Please note this is there are two versions of this electronic flasher relay.  We also carry both the 2-pin and the 3-pin version. Please verify you the correct type for your vehicle before purchasing. Some vehicles may require two flasher relays, one for the turn signals and one for the hazard lamps.