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Warm White vs. Cool White

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Because we offer two different color white bulbs for many of our LED products, we often receive questions about the difference between the two bulbs. In order to provide a complete answer for customers we have prepared the following explanation.

In simple terms, warm white light is white light with a faint yellow tint while cool white is a white light with a faint blue tint to it. Much like modern headlights, there are lights that have the standard yellow hue and there are those that have a blue hue.

The Kelvin scale is a scale used to rate and identify the color temperatures of light. It can be a useful tool in displaying the comparison of warm and cool white light. Warm white and cool white have two different color temperatures which can be seen be better understood by viewing the Kelvin scale below. Warm white light, which measures approximately 2700K to 3500K, is similar to the light produced by common incandescent light bulbs. In comparison, cool white light (5000K-8000k) is more similar to the light produced by common fluorescent light bulbs.

 Faded Gauge Needle 

Warm white LED bulbs are a great choice for preserving factory color appearance. Customers who are restoring vintage vehicles often select these bulbs to take advantage of the benefits of LED bulbs without a change in the color appearance of instruments and other vehicle lights. Cool white is more popular with customers seeking a more modern look.