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Payment Terms Policy


Payment Terms Policy

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card payments directly on our secure, encrypted website. (Tip: Always look for the “https://” in the address bar on ALL payment pages to confirm that you are using a secure website. If there is no "S" on the end of the "http", then it is not a secure page!) All credit card payments processed on our site are directly communicated to the credit card processor. We never see any of your card information! When the transaction is approved, our site receives confirmation that your payment was successful. By never storing, retaining or even possessing your card information, we eliminate any possibility of access by hackers or other data thieves. We strive to keep our customers safe and happy.

Paypal & Paypal Express Checkout

We also accept Paypal for your convenience. All Payments using Paypal or Paypal Express Checkout are processed directly on the Paypal site. Once you have entered your order on our website and selected a Paypal payment option, you will be rerouted to the correct Paypal page to process the payment. Once your payment has been approved by Paypal, our site will receive confirmation that your payment was successful.

Please note that we see a lot of issues with Paypal and their website for merchant payment processing. If you are redirected to Paypal and the process fails, this is an issue with Paypal, not our website. Once you have left our website, Paypal’s website performs the next steps. If part of their checkout system is down, your payment will likely fail. We apologize for these problems, but this is an issue with Paypal that is beyond our control. In most cases, you can retry your order in 15-30 minutes and it will work without issue.  

Money Order or Certified Check Payments

We also accept Money Orders and other Certified Checks as payment. We do not accept personal or business checks! Payments received by mail that are not made via money order or certified check, will not be accepted. Orders paid via money order will be processed on receipt. Certified checks over $400, may be held until the funds clear.

Chargeback Policy

We believe malicious chargebacks add unnecessary expense to the operation any business and that they result in higher prices that hurt all customers in the long run.  In an effort to control these costs, we have added a policy to address these unique instances and deter dishonest customers from filing these types of unwarranted claims.   

We always adhere to the policies on our site when it comes to order processing, credit card charges, returns, and merchandise credits. These policies are all part of the terms and conditions of this website.  Only customers who agree to those terms are permitted to place orders on this site.  As such, customers who chargeback in an attempt to receive money that are not entitled to by the agreement of both parties, will be assessed a fee of the greater between $50 or the actual costs incurred by our company during the chargeback process.  This policy is in place to handle people who abuse the tools provided by their credit card company.  Customers using this website with a credit card give HiPo Parts permission to charge a customer's credit card for any chargeback fees related to transactions performed on this website.