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1971-74 Pantera Chassis/Body Master Parts Catalog CD


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This is a complete copy of the original Ford Pantera Chassis and Body Master Parts and Illustrations Catalog (a.k.a. the MPC). This is the large book that used by every Ford parts counter in the early 70’s and is still used by many of them. This is the Final Issue that was printed in 1975. It was the last printing of this book and it includes all of the updates and corrections. Section A includes every part number used on Pantera vehicles built between 71 and 74. Section B includes full exploded view illustrations of these those vehicles, which provides a great aid to anyone restoring or repairing one of these vehicles.

This disc is guaranteed to be the highest quality copy available. This is an exact copy of the original volumes an easy to use CD. This is a professionally published digital copy of the original catalog on a single CD that contains every page in high resolution PDF format. All of the info can be read and viewed in Adobe Reader on a PC or a Mac.

This is a must have item for a concours correct restoration project or repair job. This book can help you make sure you never buy the wrong part number again! If you shop for NOS parts, this book can help you make sure you never buy another wrong part. Once you have this disc, you can look it up before you bid and then bid with confidence. If you ever wondered how people figured out what part numbers are correct for their vehicles, this is their trick. These discs include the part numbers and illustrations for all 1971-1974 Ford Pantera models. You will find all the illustrations you need including illustrations of seats, disc and drum brake systems, suspension, axles, electrical, power and manual steering, clutch & flywheel, wiring, radiator cooling & air conditioning, snorkel, s-tube, heat shield, sheet metal, exhaust & muffler, body molding, interior, frame, fuel lines, intake, Autolite, Holley, and Motorcraft carburetor, hood, leaf and coil springs, drive shaft, 4 spd ZF manual transmission, DeTommaso wheels, and much more! Every part, including every nut and bolt is covered. This book even includes the thread count and length for every bolt on these cars!

You cannot get this book in paper form any longer. Original print copies often sell on ebay for well over $200! Here you can buy it, view the pages any time you want, and print only the pages you need and throw them away when you are done. After all, you can reprint them any time. You can make notes on them, take them in the garage and get them dirty and greasy while you work and not have to worry about damaging an expensive investment, because you will be able to reprint it anytime you want or just view it on your screen.

Since this manual is on CD, you can print out pages you need to take to the swap meet and throw them away if it gets all greasy! Save your hard cover binders for something else and use this CDROM instead! You look up parts the same as you would in an actual FORD parts book. In fact, with the built-in electronic index, you can be a lot faster. You can look up parts the same as you would in an actual FORD parts book. In Fact, with the built-in electronic index, you can be a lot faster. This book covers all those C9WY, D0WY, C5OF, C7WE, C8WE, C9, D0SZ, D9ZZ, D0RY, D1RY, D0PF, D3AE part numbers as well as those carry over part numbers from the 60s and early 70s starting with C9ZZ, C90X, C9ZX, D0ZZ, D0AE, D0ZX, D1ZZ, D1ZX, D2ZZ. the book will also show you how to decode and understand what all the letters in those codes mean!

This book cover cars made in 1971, 1972, 1973, and 1974 including Gia, GT, GTS and more. This includes cars equipped with the 351C 4V engine and 4 speed ZF transaxle. Any 71, 72, 73 or 74 Pantera owner will find things in this book that far exceed the small price you pay for this CD.

International Customers - This item will be removed from the plastic jewel case and placed in a CD envelope to help reduce the high costs of international shipping.

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