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What's Included in an LED Conversion Kit?

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Our LED gauge lighting conversion kits cover all of the bulbs in the main gauge cluster of your vehicle.*

Our kits include LED bulbs for the following:

- Gauge Cluster Illumination Bulbs (the bulbs that light the gauges)

- Turn Signal Indicator Bulbs

- Warning Indicator Lamp Bulbs

- High Beam Indicator Bulb

Every bulb in the instrument cluster is replaced when installing one of our kits. Switching your entire gauge cluster to long life, low heat LED bulbs will last for many years to come.

* LED bulbs for some vehicles that have an auxiliary gauge cluster may be included in the kit for that vehicle. Please read the Application Specific Notes for those kits to determine specific coverage.

Each HiPo Parts LED Gauge Lighting Kit is comprised of a variety of different LED bulb designs. Every bulb in the instrument cluster is individually selected considering several factors:

1. The color of light required - the color of the light is specifically selected to provide the best overall color results when installed. e.g. green turn signals are normally illuminated with green LED bulbs while most warning lamps that illuminate red are filled with red LED bulbs.

2. The angle of light required - Because LEDs can provide directional light, the angle of the light required to reach the intended area of illumination must be optimized. The LED bulbs included in out kits are selected to provide light in manner that evenly lights the intended target areas.

3. The gauge cluster design - The design of the instrument cluster housing is a very important factor in LED selection. The housing design, materials, colors, and gauge placement all impact the way light is used within the cluster. Some surfaces are designed to reflect, absorb or redirect light. When selecting an LED bulb, all of these factors must be considered for each bulb location in the cluster on an individual basis.

Each of these factors is considered individually and collectively to determine the optimum combination of LED bulbs for a HiPo Parts LED Gauge Light Conversion Kit. For this reason, our LED kits include a combination of LED bulbs comprised of several different bulb designs in several different colors suited to the specific application. Many of our kits feature LED bulbs that have been custom manufactured to our specifications because "off the shelf" LED bulbs did not provide the satisfactory results. Unlike our competitors who offer a handful of colored "off the shelf" LED bulbs for cluster illumination with plain white LED bulbs for all other purposes, our combination of custom designed LED bulbs and other individually selected LED bulbs will provide the best possible results based on the kit you select.

We offer nearly all of our LED conversion kits in a choice of three different versions:

HiPo Economy Series - designed for the budget conscious buyer who wants an improvement in gauge lights (2-3x brighter) but is not concerned with retaining stock color or loss of dimmer function.

HiPo Extreme Series - offers a substantial improvement over stock gauge lighting (up to 5x brighter) while retaining partial dimmer function. HiPo Extreme Series kits are available in our exclusive Factory Color and custom colors as well.

HiPo Elite Series - Designed for the discriminating customer who wants the absolute best lighting kit available. The HiPo Elite Series kits use the brightest LED (SMD) technology available, providing lighting results (up to 8x brighter) consistent with modern vehicle dash lighting. These kits preserve full dimmer function. HiPo Elite Series kits are available in our exclusive Factory Color and custom colors as well.