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Sample LED Gauge Cluster Photos

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Due to the large variety of LED conversion kits we offer, it is not feasible to have photos of every year, model, and color combination available.  In order to assist our customers in determining the appearance of our kits, we have created the following pages.  These pages area a collection of images of our various kits installed in variety of instrument clusters.  Some of the photos found here are supplied by our customers.  Customer supplied photos may vary in quality and may not be a 100% accurate depiction of our kits, but they allow you to see the results that others have achieved using our prducts.  Camera settings, resolution, lighting and other factors all have an effect on how well a lit gauge cluster photographs.  Please keep this in mind when viewing customer supplied photos on our site.

If you wish to provide us with a photo to contibute to our site, please email your photos to photos@hipoparts.com along with your name, the year and model of your vehicle and the part number for the kit that you installed.  We are eager to collect photos of as many of our kits as possible.  Even if we already have an image of the cluster you have, we would like to see your photos and possibly add them to our site.  Please note that by submiting your photo to us, you provide HiPo Parts with full rights of ownership to those photos.

1965-73 Ford Mustang

1967-73 Mercury Cougar

1973-79 Ford Truck & Bronco

1968-71 Ford Fairlane/Torino & Mercury Cyclone

1972-79 Torino/LTD II & 1974-79 Mercury Cougar