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Benefits of LED Conversion

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To better understand the benefits of LED conversion, it is best to first understand what is causing the poor lighting in your gauge cluster. We recommend that you first read about The Problem with Factory Gauge Lighting before continuing with this tech page.

Changing your factory installed incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs has many benefits. Here is a list of the top benefits you get when switching to LED bulbs in your vehicle:

LEDs Produce Very Low Heat – Even after an LED bulb has been lit for countless hours, the bulb can be touched by a human hand. If you tried to touch an incandescent bulb after only 5 minutes of operation, it could take the skin off of your hand. As a result, LED bulbs will not melt lenses, housings and other components around them with their heat.

LEDs Use Less Current – LED bulbs use a fraction of the current used by the incandescent bulbs they replace. Many of our LED bulbs require from 10% to 50% of the current of their incandescent counterparts. This is great for vehicles with older wiring that may not be as efficient as it was decades ago.

LEDs Long Life – LED bulbs can last approximately 10,000 hours with some LED bulb designs lasting as long as 100,000 hours. In comparison, the average life of an incandescent bulb is only about 1000-2000 hours.

LEDs Increased Brightness – When the right LED is selected for the job, installing LEDs can result in an increase in brightness. LEDs can put out significantly more light and can increase how a gauge cluster or lighting lens appears when the proper LED bulb is selected.

LEDs Plug & Play Design – LED bulbs do not require any modification to install, they simply replace your existing incandescent bulbs. They have resistors built into the bulbs so they are a standalone unit designed to plug and play in any 12V application.

No Filament to Burn Out or Break – The filaments in incandescent bulbs are fragile. Vibration can cause the filaments to break prematurely. With no filament to burn or break LED bulbs are resistant to vibration failure.

Instant Response – Traditional incandescent lights power up and power down, compared to LED lights are instant on and instant off. When current is present the LED immediately goes to full brightness.

Safety – Dim lights can be a distraction from the road as the driver attempts to check the speed, fuel level or other data. A safe lighting level allows the driver to easily glance at the instruments and get the information they need.