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Total Seal Piston Rings Ultra Low Tension Oil Ring Set 4.1550


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Our Total Seal Piston Ring sets are surplus or obsoleted inventory that have been purchased from top NASCAR teams. This allows us to offer brand new rings at a fraction of the cost. These are high dollar piston rings that exibit the latest in piston ring sealing technology. You will not find better piston rings on the market today. Buy here and save hundreds over the normal retail. A complete set of thesse rings can cost over $600 from Total Seal. Due to the large number of ring combinations found on today's racing pistons, we offer all of our ring sets individually (in top, 2nd and oil ring sets) so you can purchase the rings that best suit your pistons.

Ring Type: Oil Rings (3pc)
Qty: Set of 8 (8 expander rings & 16 rails)
Diameter: 4.155"
Piston Groove (height): 3.0mm
Radial (width): 0.145"
Description: Ultra Low Tension Oil Rings (3pc)
Ring Face: Chrome
MFG Part Number: 001991

Note: Some ring sets are made from bulk packaged rings and will not be in mfg packaging as shown in the photo.

Here is some helpful information on Total Seal Diamond Finish Piston Rings taken from their website:


- The flattest, tightest tolerance piston rings available anywhere. Intended for hard core racing and currently in use at the highest levels of STOCK CAR, DRAG and OPEN WHEEL COMPETITION.
- Top rings are produced to an axial tolerance of +/–.000050” with a surface roughness of <4 microinches. Radial tolerance is held to +/– .0005”. Face coatings include plasma moly or state of the art proprietary PVD coatings.
- Diamond Finish™ 2nd rings are produced to the same tight tolerances shown above and are available with a standard taper face or new sharp edge technology napier design.

AEROSPACE STYLE COATINGS are one of the most significant advances in the performance engine building industry to come along in years.
Total Seal® has done extensive research on which are best for use on a piston ring and its related surfaces. The following is a list our current coatings and their applications.

- C-23™ is our pvd-applied face coating reducing friction and wear while offering better heat transfer and is compatible with most cylinder materials and cylinder coatings.
- C-72™ is our pvd-applied face coating specifically engineered for hard-coated cylinders it offers the same performance gains as C-23™ with exceptional long term wear characteristics.
- C-33™ is our pvd-applied chrome nitride [CrN] face coating for those looking for the same characteristics as a chrome faced ring but without the seating problems commonly associated with chrome.


- All pistons (including new ones) should be checked for proper ring to groove clearances.
- Ring to piston groove back clearance should be a MINIMUM of .005" deeper than radial wall dimension of piston ring. If piston ring sticks out of groove by any amount, you have the wrong rings (see fig.1).
- Ring to groove side clearance should be a minimum of .0015 to a maximum of .003" (see fig.1).


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